Oh hi, it’s you, November.

Gnome gift wrap by Marjorie Henderson.

Gah. It’s already November. I’m sure you’ve heard that several times already today, but seriously, I feel like I was just setting my goals for the year.

Speaking of goals, one of my goals was to create a catalog to present to local businesses to show off my art on stationery, scarves, and prints in the hopes that they’d be able to fit my style into their aesthetic. I finally had a catalog printed up a few months ago, and have successfully created collections for gift wrap, cards, and scarves. Much of these items are in the final stages of being prepped (packaging, labels, etc.) and they will be available on this site!

As an entrepreneur, my personal branding, product assortment, and way of selling as changed over time. I have taken the time to update my website and will soon be able to offer my art directly through this site, not just through a link that takes you to my Etsy shop. I still plan on keeping my Etsy shop, especially since I have an established customer base there, but I have found that it can be confusing to customers who expect to only visit one website and have it be a one stop shop for all things related to you and your business. Etsy is an amazing platform for artists, creatives, and the like, and I still highly encourage fellow artists who are just starting out to get their creations out there and on that platform because it is so user friendly.

Above, I have shared an image of the gnome gift wrap I have designed for the Christmas season. There will be boxed cards as well that are similar. Are there any themes or specific types of holiday stationery and wrap that you look for but have a hard time finding? Let me know in the comments below! I love getting feedback.


Current Series

I have been working on a new series of paintings that explores balance and joy in an abstract way. Painting emotion is so abstract and can’t always be fully explained in the title of the piece. There is also that underlying overthinking that happens where I worry about deviating from my past work, knowing that growth and change is good but where do I start? I start now by blocking out the questioning thoughts and the what if’s by simply doing and having faith. That being said, I have ideas pouring out of my imagination so fast since I let go and stopped worrying. Having my sketchbook with me has been imperative, and it makes me wish I stopped caring about what other people and critics may think a lot sooner.


Art Studio Nesting

Art Studio Wall
Marjorie Henderson’s art studio wall

After painting my art studio walls the most perfect shade of gray (Portland Twilight), I have finally been inspired to fill up one of the walls with various photos, paintings, drawings and memorabilia. I am quite happy with how it turned out!


Fresh Prints

I’ve been working on inking up some of my linocut carvings over the past few weeks, so here they are! I’ve always loved the traditional pear/teardrop shape and felt the need to riff off of that a little bit more.


I’m a Creative


Flower Trails
“Flower Trails”-20″x20″ acrylic painting on canvas by Marjorie Henderson. $300

I feel like the traditional title of Artist COULD be all encompassing, but it isn’t. When I tell others that I am an artist, I am asked what medium I work in. I work in many mediums, I cannot choose just one! So when I state, “Well, I mainly work with acrylics on canvas, but I also am a print maker, drawer, hand letterer, jewelry maker, and sometimes photographer,” I am occasionally told that I need to choose one. Being an artist does not mean limiting my talents or creative flow. The title of Creative seems to be more encompassing, and can include “designs” that others may find to be more under the umbrella of “art.” Do any of my fellow artists/designers and other multi-hyphenates struggle with this?

Enjoying all of your favorite mediums and crafts contributes to the entire creation process, no matter what it is. Photography can inspire various ways of seeing compositions and lighting. Jewelry making can spark fresh color combinations in ways that are less permanent than experimenting in other mediums like painting and drawings. Painting can also inspire more abstract thinking in the construction of jewelry, as well as crossover ideas for drawings, printmaking and pattern design. The list goes on. This is not to say that those who work in a singular medium experience stagnancy in their creative flow and output, nor does it say that having a hand in many aspects of art creates a lack of progress and mastery in a particular field. I am only attempting to explain what I experience as a multi-passionate creative.

To all of my fellow creatives out there-keep doing what you love!




Jurassic Inspiration

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I have to agree, particularly when it comes from children and your art! I received an email back in December from a teacher in England. Clare Watts teaches a year 3 class, which consists of 7-8 year olds, at St. Wilfrid’s School in Burgess Hill, England. She had come across my painting entitled “Jurassic” while doing some research for a class study on the Stone Age. While the Jurassic area came prior to the Stone Age, she still found the painting inspiring enough to use it as an educational tool for her class.

For reference, here is my painting:

Jurassic by Marjorie Henderson
“Jurassic” 8″x10″ Print-$25

I was so touched that she wanted to share what the class created! She sent pictures of what the kids created using my painting as a starting point. Here is what they created:


Is that not the most awesome thing ever?! Knowing that the piece which I created had an influence in a child’s education is so humbling and heartwarming. This is even more motivation to keep creating beautiful images that will hopefully keep inspiring people.

Thank you Clare Watts and your awesome class! They did an amazing job, and thank you for keeping art in the classroom!


Portfolio Update

I’ve tackled the monumental task of updating my portfolio! Check out my Behance portfolio- Marjorie’s Portfolio .

Here is a new painting I completed after the new year as well! “Nerves”, acrylic on canvas.

Happy New Year!!